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Presenting An Expanding Galaxy of Engineering Possibilities




Seale Engineering Ltd.

Seale Engineering Ltd. is a mechanical engineering company providing design services.

Company Philosophy:

  • Remain current and competent in our fields of practice.
  • Work with clients to obtain the results or product desired.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all proprietary information.
  • Provide timely and cost effective solutions.
  • Design to allow manufacture using available equipment and materials.
  • Provide innovative solutions to problems.

Some of the areas in which we provide design services include:

Pressure Vessel Design

  • ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1
  • ASME Sect. VIII Div. 2

Storage Tank Design

  • API 650
  • API 620
  • API 12F

Stack and Chimney Design

  • Self Supporting
  • Guyed
  • Steel chimney liners

Machine Design

  • Small machines
  • Large machines
  • Hand tools

Hoisting and Rigging

  • Crane selection
  • Rigging selection
  • Hoisting procedure
  • Design of lifting lugs and other specialized rigging

Failure Analysis

  • Pressure vessels
  • Tanks
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Construction and mining equipment


While we offer a flexible approach to engineering needs by adapting to each company's needs, here are some examples of our past experience:

Pressure Vessels:

  • Small simple vessels
  • High pressure (to 15000 psi)
  • Large (to 35'-8" Diameter)
  • With large openings
  • With loads imposed by process surges, wind (including wind induced vibrations), and earthquake

In many cases we have been requested to do design work when configurations or unique conditions necessitate increased or sophisticated analysis.

Storage Tanks, Bins, and Silos:

  • API 650 welded steel tanks for oil storage
  • API 620 large welded low-pressure storage tanks
  • bins and silos for storage and handling of bulk materials

Machine Design:

  • pipeline inspection tools
  • heat exchanger and condenser tube removal tools
  • heat exchanger tube bundle removers
  • steel plate handling conveyors
  • pipe bending machine to bend insulated pipe
  • conventional oil-well drilling rigs
  • slant oil-well drilling rigs
  • 3000 ton head forming press capable of forming heads up to 13' (4m) diameter

Repair procedure specifications:

  • machines
  • mobile equipment
  • cranes

Hoisting and Rigging:

  • pressure vessels and components weighing up to 300 tons
  • ducts
  • furnaces
  • machinery
  • assembly of a large drag line
  • multi-crane lifts using up to 4 cranes.

Failure analysis:

We offer failure analysis for machine components such as engines, shafts, bearings gears, structural component, including determination of the cause of failure, and recommendations for making repairs.











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